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The overwhelming joy of an exalted state of mind is a state of freedom with the enraptured feeling that results from the awareness of drawing every breath from Source, Creator.  In harmony with no past memory of perceived errors or wrongs, filled only with the knowledge and wisdom of the Love-Life expressing Itself in the omnipresent, assimilating all that is transpiring into the present and living in the now always.

Realizing the truth of one’s connection with the Grand Architect of the Universe releases one from the narrowness of conformity, free from the dictates of beliefs, authority and tradition, liberating one from conditions of dogmas, creeds, religions.

You must be freed from limitation, then you can free others by aiding them to think for themselves. To do this effectively it is necessary to question the things that are precious and dear to you. By inviting doubt you will separate that which is unreal from the real, then only that which is of eternal value will remain and realize Itself in your life.

Connection does not exist outside yourself, but within you, just as liberation and happiness comes from within.

It is through deep discernment that you gain understanding of your personalty, the finite self; and as soon as you know yourself in all your weaknesses and strengths then you are the conquerer. Understanding comes when one has a strong desire to discover Life, when you are really tired of the status quo, really searching, when you are intelligently in revolt at limitation.

Connection is to be in love with Life. Life is “one”; it is indivisible. God is life. Life is God. “To Be” is to create.


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