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There is an expression that, if discerned deeply, will free one from the shackles of self limitation. That expressions is “resistance persists”.

When in resistance the law of attraction is giving us exactly what we resist, for the simple reason that the Law of the Universe gives one what one thinks upon the most and the greater the emotion attached to the resistance the greater the attraction to further resistance. Where one’s attention goes, the energy flows. We must see and realize that these laws are for our own benefit and thus put them into proper operation by immediately redirecting the energy flow, for as soon as we do we will find that the Universe will fill our lives with gifts that are beyond anything we have ever imagined.

Free yourself from resistance through the recognition that there is no separation between God, Source, and you. There is no difference between the Universal Mind and the individual mind; there is no separation between the impersonal and the personal or the inner and the outer. When we begin to see within ourselves, the Creative Power is developed for the purpose of attracting and receiving the things that are necessary to lead a life of perfect health, happiness and abundance in all areas; then the things that come to us do not turn to ashes but manifest delightfully, for they are the direct expression of that Divine Principal that is within us all.

As we embrace the realization that God’s nature becomes our human nature, we lift ourselves into the higher Spiritual and material realm in conscious unity with God’s creation. Then we enter into our unlimited possibilities free from all resistance.


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